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Welcome to Khwayza Investments (Pty) LTD

        We pride ourselves in being an entreprenueral hub where ideas flurish. We have thus formed a number of ventures that are a result of the sharing of 
        ideas and our commitment to providing sound solutions and business value. We are not limited to a single industry and our footprint spans multiple sectors.

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Khwayza Sustainable Energy

This subsidiary of Khwayza was formed to address the ever increasing need for clean, sustantainable, affordable, renewal energy. We aim to bring to market new technologies that change the game in this sector. We endevour to be market disrupters in this sector. Back to basics and simplicity is our strategy driver. Nature is renewable in itself and we use natural methods for our products. We use the sun to replace the geyser. We use the sun to generate electricity. We use the sun to purify water. We use the sun for disalination. Talk to us for:

Water Purification
Water Heaters
Water Recycling
Electricity Generation via CSP
Khwayza Fuels

This division is involved with the distribution of paraffin and diesel. Khwayza Investments has partnerd with G-Style Petroleum who is a licensed wholesale distributor of petroleum products. We are currently offering a business opportunity for entreprenuers in rural areas to get into the business of reselling paraffin. Please click on the fuels link at te top of the page to learn more about this opportunity.

Khwayza Investments is also an authorized reseller of Biodiesel. We can offer biodiesel in various blends according to customer needs. We offer B100, B80, B50 and B20 and specific combination you may require. More info